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Summer Hours:


Mon - Thurs: 4pm to 2am

Friday - Sun: 1pm to 2am


Winter Hours:


Monday: Closed

Tues - Sat: 4pm to 2am

Sunday: 1pm to 2am


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The Old

Bud & Joe's Tavern has been around a long time, since 1972. It's a name that will live forever in the minds of so many people that has visited, frequented or been carried out of Bud & Joe's. People remember drinking, writing on the wall, ceiling, a/c unit or whatever piece of real estate they can find to attach their name too. Everything has happened at least once at Bud & Joe's Tavern. We've seen people get drunk, fall down, get engaged, get married and get drunk again. It's a never ending cycle of fun and excitement! There's even a song written about the Bud & Joe's, and it's actually pretty good. You can listen to it here, just click the "SOUND" icon on the left side of the webpage just under the Hours.

The New

Anyhoo, let's talk about the new Bud & Joe's Sandbar. Yeah, it looks a little different, the pole at the bar is gone and there's some flat screen TV's scattered through out the place. Our Jukebox may have a much bigger selection but it still plays the same songs. Our pool table may take dollar bills, but the balls still roll towards the pocket. So believe me when I say, it may seem different, but it's still the same in a lot of ways. When you come here you'll never meet a stranger and you'll never be treated like one. By the way we have a new mascot at Bud & Joe's SANDBAR, his name is Oscar and he is a Crab that is screwed to the end of the bar. Literally he is "screwed" to the bar. Just say Hi, buy him a drink, have him hold your pool cue, talk shit to him, we don't care, just have fun. Also, we have new bartenders... Ooops! I mean STARtenders and they will take care of your drinking pleasures. Our beer is still cold but now we can mix you a drink. That's right we have LIQUOR! and lots of it. So bring your beach party to the new Bud & Joe's and have great time drinking, playing pool and getting to know everyone. See ya there! and remember it's ok to...

"Get Stranded At The Sandbar!"

**The Ultimate Beach Drink Special

At the beach when you write it in sand it's like writing it in stone! This is the best drink special you will find at this beach... or any beach for that matter! Check it out and enjoy the ultimate Friday drink special. **This special is ONLY October Through March (Fall and Winter). Sorry!
We have beer and drink specials everyday! So come by and visit any day of the week.

And remember, at Bud & Joe's SANDBAR, you'll never be treated like a stranger.